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4th May

Build Serverless, Full Stack Applications in Azure

Start Learning

5th May

Learn core data concepts for Data Engineering with Azure Data Services

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7th May

Fundamentals of Apache Spark & Azure Databricks

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14th May

Intelligent analytics

Start Learning

18th May

How to choose right database for a product

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Attention developers!
Microsoft invites the brightest technical minds in India to come up with new-age, technology-led innovative ideas where you will use cloud strategies to build the apps of tomorrow on the Microsoft Azure platform. Gear up for the most exciting in-person, 6-city hackathon where you will walk into the world of thinkers and creators and build apps that augment human capabilities and experiences while unleashing the strength of Microsoft Azure.

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Whether you’re building your career or the next great idea, Microsoft Reactor connects you with the developers and startups that share your goals. Learn new skills, meet new peers, and find career mentorship. Virtual events are running around the clock so join us anytime, anywhere!

ADL Heroes

Mr. Maheboob Patel

It was a pretty insightful and fun experience participating in ADLchallenge. The reward program was motivating enough but the chance to upskill and create better learning opportunities really engaged me to follow through with the challenge. Eagerly waiting for the challenge to start

Mr. Sheyash Tiwari

Proud to be part of developer league challenge. It was a wonderful opportunity to participate and engage in the quizzes and competition released by Azure Developer League Challenge and to motivate and educate myself about the tech. Looking forward to new challenges and also advice to new budding developers to participate and be a part
of the league.

Mr. Manthan

Azure Developer league was a learning curve that helped me improve my cloud skills. Every quiz and competition designed has its unique way to educate and challenge the developer and it’s a well thought and designed learning program that would motivate us to learn, research and engage.

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